Site Outage - February 9, 2015

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Between the afternoon of February 9th and the early morning of February 10th there was a period of time where the Angry Bunny Webcomic was not available.

This was because of a strange billing error on the part of my web hosting company. In a nut shell they didn't bill me for part of my account, they didn't notify me that they didn't receive payment for what they failed to bill me for, and then because I hadn't paid for what I hadn't been billed for, or notified I owed money for, they decided to shut my site down. How much was this incredible debt? $12 US.

Amusingly even after I paid the $12, the site still didn't come back up because the hosting site kept informing me that I needed to pay $0.00 to reactivate my account. With my fifth attempt I was able to reach their support via on-chat and they fixed the problem in two seconds.

So. Sorry for the disruption. I would like to say it will never happen again, but many things like this are just outside of my control.