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A Year of Anger 2014

A Year of Anger 2014

I just finished creating my The Angry Bunny A Year of Anger 2014 Calendar over in my Zazzle store... As usual it's based on a dozen different Angry Bunny Designs.

First Time Ever

Updated Daily

Since I started this comic back in 2007 this is the first year I have posted a new comic every single day. You may be thinking to yourself "Hey, the year is not over yet." That is a moot point since the comics all the way up to January 1st, 2013 have been created already, and scheduled to post on the correct days. I do try to post a new comic every day, but this is the first time I have actually accomplished it for the entire year.

The Angry Bunny Dart Board

The Angry Bunny Dart Board

My latest design over in The Angry Bunny Zazzle store front is my "The Angry Bunny Dart Board" you can see above. I'm not sure how long Zazzle will be offering dart boards, so if you want a custom AB dart board I would move fast.

Webcomics List Counter

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I noticed recently my comic listing was no longer being checked for updates on The Webcomic List website.. When I inquired as to why, Norah was able to help me with this letting me know its because I needed to have <!-- Last Update dd/mm/yyyy --> in the HTML code for the page listing the last date the comic was updated. Simple enough except that I use Drupal, the only HTML code on the site is generated via PHP scripts.

After a few days of testing, a little research on PHP script sites, and more help from Norah; I was able to piece together the right PHP code which updates the date code automatically every time I post a new comic, and the right placement of the code to get my site to work with the TWCL system.

So if you are running a webcomic on Drupal 7 you can insert this code into your theme's "html.tpl.php" document just after the <body> tag but before the </body> tag and it will update the date stamp in the generated HTML on it's own every time a new comic node is created:

// get date of most most recent change to a node
$result = db_query('SELECT title, changed FROM {node} WHERE status=1 ORDER BY changed DESC LIMIT 1');
$node = $result->fetchObject();
$date = date('d/m/Y', $node->changed);
echo "<!-- Last Update: $date -->" ;

New Accounts - Reactivated

404 Error Message

Just reactivated the ability to create new user accounts. I had it turned off for the last couple of weeks due to a swarm of bogus SPAMMER accounts being created. It took about 6 days for the flood of "Failed to find User Registration Page" error messages to die down in the log file. It has been three days since one popped up again, so I feel safe turning the registration page back on.

Where did the Forums Go?

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Since the Forums or "The Bunny Lounge" had not actually been used as anything other than just an announcements area for changes I've made to the site, I have decided to retire that area. All site announcements will continue to go through the News section as they have in the past; but the forums are gone for good. It also helps me manage the site better, because it seems like the forums are the main place the SPAMMERS really like to post their garbage.

New Accounts

The ability to create new accounts has been temporarily turned off due to the large influx of known SPAMMER accounts either being created, or attempting to be created. I will turn the account creation page back on in a couple of weeks after this storm has died down. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience; but in the mean time it keeps me from having to delete 25+ rouge accounts a day.

Angry Bunny Comic Facebook Group

A few weeks back my automatic posting to "The Angry Bunny Comic Facebook Group" just stopped working out of the blue, but the autoposting to "The Angry Bunny Facebook Page" kept posting without issues. It took a little while, and a few settings tweaks on Facebook, but as of this morning everything is back up and running smoothly over there again. No more manual updatesfor me.

Just Burgers Blog

Just Burgers

My August 4th comic was featured over in the "Just Burgers" blog. It's always fun to see when something I created shows up somewhere unexpected. Also, if you are looking for some awesome burger recipes you should stop by the blog and check things out.

7.15 Core Upgrade


Just finished upgrading the site core to version 7.15. Everything is back up and running the way it should be. If anyone notices any issues feel free to let me know over the Contact page.